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"As a consumer you're probably looking for value when considering a purchase whether it be expensive or not. I, as a contractor/business owner expect nothing less from you. Our philosophy is to meet or exceed the quality of the typical product. So when considering our company for any of your needs, be sure to compare "apples to apples" when making your choice. Do your homework, ask questions, be sure you understand the value of the product offered. The cheapest is usually not the best. As the adage states, "You get what you paid for." A harsh reality when the product installed does not perform as advertised.

If you choose our company, rest assured, you will get a better than typical product. The difference is usually not visible, but the benefits shows up when years have passed and the product is still in great structural shape. Then it is visible. Bear in mind, we are not perfect and only human, but do have many years of experience successfully installing products that last. Some over 30 years old, that are the same structurally as the day they were installed. To date, we've completed at least 2,000 projects.

Along with any proposal, we provide references and an explanation of our product vs. the typical product. We want you to know and feel confident in your choice to."

- Dennis Krizan, CEO

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